qualia Resort on Hamilton Island

qualia, resort on Hamilton Island with postcard perfect views of the Coral Sea and surrounding Whitsunday Islands, announces celebrating new Chef Shewry known for his inventive modern European cuisine he calls “emo” food. What exactly is this “emo” cuisine? According to Chef Shewry it is a symphony of hand foraged ingredients, traditional flavors, and cutting-edge, molecular culinary technique. Signature dishes on the menu at Attica include “Snow Crab”—a powdery, crunchy dish of horseradish, trout roe, puffed rice, shredded coconut and verjuice granita—and “Terroir”—a sweet and savory dessert inspired by the farm where he grew up, which incorporates freeze-dried fruit, wild sour clover, Murray River salt, 4 spice, sorrel sorbet, toasted barley, and beetroot and organic almond cake. Packages are available for the weekend including a stay at one of qualia’s 60 private hillside pavilions tucked into the lush tropical bushland of Hamilton Island. These secluded getaways offer spacious, casually elegant interiors and uninterrupted views of the surrounds. A selection of pavilions also boast a private infinity pool, and all qualia guests have access to the luxurious Spa qualia located at the heart of the resort as well as the new Hamilton Island Golf Club. Group accommodation options include the new Hamilton Island Yacht Club Villas, a collection of private waterfront four-bedroom, four-bathroom Villas ideal for a Thanksgiving getaway with family and groups of up to eight people. Complimentary concierge services available for guests include priority tea times at the new Hamilton Island Golf Club and bookings at Spa qualia, exclusive facilities available by invitation-only for non-qualia guests. qualia, is located on the secluded and breathtakingly beautiful northern-most point of Hamilton Island For more information and to book a reservation for the Great Barrier Feast, please visit www.hamiltonisland.com.au/feast.


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