Kyoto, Tokyo… What a Trip!

Visit Key cultural sites of Kyoto and Tokyo. The journey starts in bustling Tokyo, with visits to the Imperial Palace and the Grand Meiji Shrine. Then over the next few days follow in the footsteps of shoguns, samurai and merchants who once traveled on foot or horseback on a network of ancient “kaido,” or trails, linking the Imperial capital and the villages of the Kiso Valley. Stay in a “shukubo”,  temple lodgings, and enjoy the famous vegetarian fare prepared by your host, Buddhist monks. Along the route guests will enjoy the hospitality of villagers and staying in traditional guesthouses. The Nakasendo trail is one of Japan’s principal trade routes in times of old. Today it remains one of the best hiking trails in the country with wonderfully preserved villages along the planned route.  The journey ends in today’s cultural capital of Kyoto, home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites, where you will visit the Golden Pavilion built by the Ashikaga Shogun at the end of the 14th century. Guests will take the lovely walk through the famous Philosopher’s Path lined with cherry trees, while experiencing the rich culture of Japan.  Here are the details:

Guided Dates:      Oct. 10-19

Trip Duration:      11 Days/10 Nights

Cost:                      $4295 per person

Guide Type:          Escorted

Difficulty               Moderate

Trip Includes:       All accommodations, most meals, internal transfers and guide services

Start Location:     Tokyo

End Location:      Kyoto    

For more information, or to book this amazing trip, contact Active Journeys at:


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